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Miki maths update

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Miki Maths 2019 – Mamelodi Update and Hammanskraal Launch

We have had a good start to both projects. It is very exciting that we have been able to add new creches and many new children to the programme.

We have provided teaching material to practitioners and books for 620 learners in Mamelodi and 750 learners in Hammanskraal. We have completed two training sessions with each of the groups of practitioners. Our training sessions are held at Charisma pre-school in Mamelodi and at a Creche in Kekana Gardens in Hammanskraal.

Miki Maths Mamelodi Report 2018

Our Goal: To deliver effective early numeracy projects to children in pre-schools in Mamelodi.

Our model enables us to make a significant difference in the communities that we work in.

  • Our projects this year reached around 500 children which were divided between children in the Age 4-5 group children in the Age 5-6 (Grade R) group.
  • We equipped practitioners at the following pre-schools: Charisma Nursery School, Tswelopele Day Care Center, Akane Day Care, Masca Early learning Center, Rejoice Day Care Center, Wize Kids Day Care, Motheo Day Care, Kgodisong Day Care Center, Lesedi Day Care, Tshepong Day Care, Katlego Day Care and Banapela Day Care.
  • Most of these creches have been part of the project for 3 years now.


Our Goal: Developing capacity through regular, ongoing training of practitioners.

Each practitioner has been equipped with a kit consisting of various manipulatives. Children each have a visual perception and numeracy workbook which is used daily.

Four Quarterly training sessions were conducted in 2018. Each session comprises 9 weeks ofactivities and work. Training sessions were attended regularly by practitioners and we are finding that a lot capacity has been built over the past three years.

The practitioners are guided through each of the worksheets in the work book which comprises work on early numeracy and visual perception.

An exciting development has been that Alice Molokomme has been more and more involved in the training sessions. She has also visited the creches regularly where she has conducted hands on training. This has improved the implementation of the program greatly.


  1. Alice Molokomme continued with the Maths Club on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons this year. The main focus was on improving children’s basic Maths skills.
  2. Miki Maths provided Alice with concrete apparatus and worksheets for each of the four Terms and Alice attended the main Miki Maths training.
  3. We have received good feedback from this intervention and it will be great if it can continue in 2019.


  1. This was a really good year for the project with the input into the practitioners having become evident. Alice is also growing into her role as trainer.
  2. We started another project in Hammanskraal with 500 children in August.
  3. There is great room for growth and we are looking forward to 2019.



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