Our belief in the potential of South Africa drives us.

This story is not about us; it’s about the organisations we collaborate with. The corporates that drive the economy of South Africa and the SMMEs, social enterprises and NPOs that passionately address challenges faced by South Africans.

The teams who drive these organisations inspires us every day. Their stories drive us to find sustainable solutions and create catalytic networks that allow them to increase their sustainability and the reach of their impact.

SMMEs account for roughly 34% of the GDP and 60% of the employment of the labour force, yet the support and development they need is few and far between.

There is frustratingly little data available on the NPO sector in South Africa. What is confirmed is tha more people is employed in the NPO sector than in national government, construction, transport and financial services (https://pmg.org.za/committee-meeting/1710/).

Social entrepreneurship is the process of recognising social problems in society and addressing this social change through entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs find a specific social issue that they want to change and create a business venture to improve this issue.

Unlike traditional entrepreneurship which solely aims to make money, social entrepreneurship is designed to create a positive impact on society or the environment (https://smesouthafrica.co.za/social-entrepreneurship-in-south-africa/).

That is where we come in. We believe in the potential of South Africa and understand that effective collaboration takes work and needs guidance.

We bridge the gap between an exceptional group of organisations – corporates, SMMEs, NPOs, social enterprises – all seeking to create a leveraged impact and to see South Africa reach its unlimited potential.

Our Services

We work with organisations in our network on both a project specific and ongoing basis.
Each organisation is unique so there is no “one size fits all” recipe for engagement.


  • Ensuring required B-BBEE recognition level.
  • Ensuring all funds and resources made available are allocated effectively and sustainably and maximum possible impact.
  • Creating a network of organisations and developing long lasting, mutually beneficial and synergistic relationships between these organisations.
  • Work alongside our network of SMMEs, social enterprises, NPOs to ensure we have a full understanding of their operations and can align these with support as and when it becomes available.
Project Management
  • Managing and reporting on the allocation of resources made available to SMMEs, social enterprises, NPOs
  • Setting up entity structures in order to maximise the potential for recipient organisations to source funding needed to scale operations.
  • Management of specific projects for recipient organisations.
Support & Development

Our support and development adapts to the requirements of each organisation.

Support includes:

  • Preparing business plans and funding proposals
  • Ensuring that they are fully compliant to receive funding and other resource support.
  • Networking with supporting organisations to access resources needed.
  • Networking with other SMMEs, social enterprises and NPOs where synergy may exist and supporting the development of partnerships and collaboration.
Our Recent Impact

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Growing partnerships

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