Growing a lasting impact that empowers and inspires – EcoLabs Africa and WaFunda

Our purpose is to grow and support partnerships between private entities, NPOs, co-operatives, public entities and individuals to establish sustainable impacts in South Africa and beyond.

EcoLabs Africa and WaFunda

Ecolabs is a social enterprise that aims to optimise the Information and Communication Technology infrastructure in township and rural schools. They primarily use obsolete, redundant or unserviceable fixed assets (computer equipment) to build computer labs (known as Ecolabs) in schools and libraries.

They have created an integrated program in these aforementioned Ecolabs that aid youth in Maths, Science and Emerging Technologies (The 4th IR). In essence they repair and reuse the equipment that large companies and government institutions no longer use to improve the quality of learning in under-resourced schools as well as ensuring e-waste is
responsibly disposed to conserve the environment.

They have expanded their product offering to offer e-Robotics labs, Science and Biology labs and smart classrooms. They endeavour to equip learning institutions with the relevant resources to ensure learning takes place. The EcoLabs Africa journey is illustrated below.

WaFunda’s mission is to design, deliver and connect models & technologies that enable access to educational opportunities for young people.

One of Wafunda’s offerings is Blackbullion. Blackbullion South Africa delivers engaging and relevant content to help young South Africans make better financial decisions before, during and after University.

HNC facilitated a collaboration between EcoLabs Africa and WaFunda

EcoLabs is implementing a 300 student pilot in 3 CET colleges in partnership with Wafunda. The aim of the pilot is to expose young students in Gauteng to financial literacy in the digital world.

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