Supporting rural education

Findlay & Niemeyer Supporting Rural Education

During the course of 2017 and 2018, Findlay & Niemeyer funded 28 Good Work Foundation (GWF) Bridging Academy learners.

GWF is addressing a need to improve access to education, personal development and the global stage in rural Africa, with a view to maximize reach from independently managed hubs of digital education. The organization has been developing a model of locally managed Digital Learning Campuses (or “hubs”) that improve an individual’s ability to operate the 21st Century “languages of access” – digital, English and self-creativity.

The aim of each Digital Learning Campus is to:

  1. Create an access “bridge” between school and work, preparing rural adults for life in a global, connected world;
  2. Become a hub of digital learning for public-sector elementary schools that can outsource their digital learning to the Campus (The Open Learning Academy); and
  3. Reduce the “digital divide”, providing rural people with the opportunity to actively participate in today’s online economy.

Some links that further explain the GWF model and operations:

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Celebrating Education

Comments from the students funded by Findlay & Niemeyer:

Laster: “I love studying at GWF. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to study.”

Forgive: “I love learning at GWF. It offers more opportunities to further your studies or get a skilled for a job.”