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This story is not about us; it’s about the stories of the social-economic projects we’ve helped along the way. The initiatives we support, develop and assist, inspire our human spirit. Their stories drive us to find sustainable solutions and create catalytic networks that keep their ambitions alive. We are not the heroes of our story. The real heroes are the individuals helped through the goodwill of institutions that continually inspire the social change and socio-economic development our country deserves.

SMMEs account for roughly 34% of the GDP and 60% of the employment of the labour force, yet the support and development they need is few and far between. That is where we come in. We believe in the socio-economic possibilities of South Africa, but even possibilities need a guiding hand. We bridge the gap between organisations seeking to create a leveraged impact, and individuals dreaming of uplifting themselves and their communities.

By assisting, developing and fostering each social project’s potential, we ensure the initiatives are rooted in sound foundations that meet the objectives of the institutions.

We do this because we have a passion for positive change in the lives and communities we touch.

Our Services

We work with organisations in our network on both a project specific and ongoing basis. Each organisation is unique so there is no “one size fits all” recipe for engagement.


  • Ensuring total B-BBEE compliance in terms of all applicable legislation
  • Assisting measured entities in attaining and managing their required level of compliance
  • Ensuring all funds and resources made available are allocated effectively and sustainably
  • Ensuring that measured entities benefit fully from their compliance obligations in terms of their corporate planning, communication strategies, marketing strategies and in support of internal team building
  • Creating a network of organisations and developing long lasting, mutually beneficial and synergistic relationships between these organisations
  • Identifying recipient organisations and enterprises that are making
    a positive and passionate contribution through the work that they do

Project Management

  • Implementing processes to assist corporates to effectively manage their B-BBEE compliance through services they offer, e.g. pro bono legal services
  • Establishing specific structures for B-BBEE implementation that assist both measured entities and our SMME and NPO network
  • Project management for NPOs, e.g. Miki Maths Project in Mamelodi, The Heartfelt Project
  • Assisting NPOs and Social Enterprises with government funding applications

Support & Development

Our support and development adapts to the requirements of each organisation.

Support includes:

  • Preparing business plans and funding proposals
  • Ensuring that they are fully compliant to receive funding and other resource support, for South African B-BBEE contributions
  • Connecting them with potential supporting organisations and individuals to access resources (training programmes, systems, professional assistance, funding etc.)
  • Connecting them with other SMMEs/NPOs where synergy may exist and supporting relationship building

Our Recent Impact