Legal foundations

Estate planning, including a correctly drafted and signed Will, ensures that your loved ones are looked after when you pass on.

ProBono.Org “has seen a number of clients who require assistance with the winding up of a loved one’s estate, only to discover that the deceased estate does not have the necessary liquidity required to settle the debts in the estate, or that people who have never cared for the deceased are to inherit. In most instances this results in extremely trying times for the family members, heirs and dependants of the deceased.” 

MacRobert Attorneys has presented three Wills Clinics since December 2019. These clinics have been presented at schools in Mamelodi. Participation has been made available to the staff at each school. These clinics are approved by

The clinics include a discussion around the importance of Wills and an explanation of legislation, and the terminology involved. 

There is then an opportunity for individuals to sit with an attorney to discuss any questions they may have. If their Will requirements are straight forward, a Will can be drafted, checked and signed on-site. If more technical advice is needed, for example the inclusion of a Trust, an appointment is set for this.  

It was clear from the attendance and interest at these clinics that this is something that is viewed by the participants as a very valuable initiative.